Oneplus 5 Review – Specification, Features, Release Date, Price

The Chinese Smartphone producing company has already proven themselves with the launch of Oneplus 3. It successfully grabbed the attention of many Smartphone users. Once again they are going to launch a Smartphone which is Oneplus 5 Review, and it will blow your mind. There have been many rumors about this phone. Oneplus 3 has done a great job with its put together great features, and you can expect the same from this upcoming phone. In fact, it will be better.

Oneplus 5 Review

Oneplus 5 Review – Specification, Features, Release Date, Price:

Oneplus 5 Review will be the smartest phone with lots of brand new expectation. It is going to give a hard-hitting competition to all the mobile phones that have recently hit the heights of the mobile platform. It is believed that this promising phone is going to be launched by the quarter of 2017; it may also hit the market couple of months earlier. Let me tell you about all the possible new upgrades and comparisons of Oneplus 5 with the most trending Smartphones today. 

Here are the Features and Expectations of Oneplus 5:

The hunger for improvement and betterment for a Smartphone is never ending, and thus with each upcoming days you can see better and smarter technologies. Just like that, there are many cool features that you can see in Oneplus 5. Following are the specs and features.

  • 4K resolution screen with the latest 3D technology. It will allow any kinds of videos especially 3D streaming movies.
  • Aluminum sexy body with a screen of a 5.5-inch screen.
  • 22 megapixels rear camera and 8 megapixels front camera with the most modern focusing technology.

Oneplus 5 Review

  • With the enhanced and additional camera settings, it will be featured with retina eye scanner, autofocus laser, easy capture, and the newest camera sensor.
  • The latest and most upgraded 3.2 GHz speed Qualcomm Snapdragon processor supported by 8GB RAM.
  • 64GB and 126GB internal memory which will differ accordingly with the device price range. It will be expandable up to 256 GB.
  • Durability and backup of 4000 mAh battery that will come with fast charging technology that includes wireless charging.

Well, these are some of the expected features of OnePlus 5, and I am pretty sure that these features are quite spectacular.

Know the Expected Release date of Oneplus 5:

Oneplus 3 has outstandingly stood out from its opponents with its high-end hardware and inbuilt with a reasonable mid-range price. Just like that Oneplus 5 Review is going to surpass any other Smartphones with its mind blowing specs and features in the recent coming days. The approximate release date of this fourth generation phone would be the quarterly of 2017 which fall at the beginning or end of June.

Oneplus 5 Review

2017 is going to be a crazy year because there is a queue of many latest things. There is various Smartphone that integrated with many useful features and is ready to come in the market.  Speaking of phones, Oneplus 5 is one hell of a device with lots of modern features that comes with a minimum price. And I am certain that OnePlus 5 will be a big hit in the market. Feel Free to leave a comment below if you any queries and I will get back to you as soon as possible. And if you feel that this post has been helpful to you then share this with others and let them know about the Upcoming OnePlus 5.

Comparision Between Oneplus 5 and iPhone 7:

Well before approaching towards the New upgrades let me tell you about one of the biggest comparisons that have been going on around. This is the comparison between OnePlus 5 and iPhone 7. Check out the points that I have mentioned below.

  • While iPhone 7 is having fingerprint sensing unit with built in Dual SIM card slots, Oneplus 5 will be powered with retina eye scanner, NFC, fingerprint sensor, and other 3D technologies.
  • There is a huge difference of internal memory storage between these two. Oneplus 5 will be having 64 GB which can be expanded up to 256 GB with external storage whereas regarding iPhone 7 it will be limited to 32 GB internal that can be expanded with the addition of external memory up to 2256 GB.
  • It is expected Oneplus 5 to have 6 GB RAM that will come with the hottest processor of Snapdragon 820, on the other hand, iPhone 7 will be having only 3GB RAM with its A10 processor.
  • The only thing that might beat Oneplus 5 by iPhone is its camera, and it will be a tough thing to beat the HD resolution of iPhone 7.
  • Oneplus 5 will be incorporated with 4K resolution gorilla glass protection that will easily stream 4096×2016 videos whereas on the other hand; iPhone 7 is having 5.5 inches Super AMOLED screen along with the latest 3D technology.
  • In the comparison of price, Oneplus 5 will be more reliable than iPhone 7. When it is around 400$ for Oneplus while it will be 849$ to 1200$ for iPhone.

Oneplus 5 Review

The above comparison predicts that both the phone has their specifications in their unique way. However, when it comes to buying the one from these two, I’d say Oneplus 5 is better because you are getting a high-end Smartphone at its lowest price.

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